How to Start an Outstanding Lifestyle Blog


The title of your article should be impressive and eye-catching. Come up with unique and engrossing tiles to attract our reader’s minds. We love useful posts that answer a question or solves a problem. We prefer short paragraphs, about two to three sentences each. The content passing out the guidelines and set of rules will be approved for publishing later.

Get specialized in a few categories — when you’re an expert in your chosen topics, it’s a lot harder for editors to say no. Whereas as a guest blogger, you will be rewarded for your hard work through referral traffic, quality backlinks, and the credibility of our website. A lifestyle blog can cover any topic relating to your life, but it focuses on the reader with tip articles and reviews. Use your keyword research to come up with a few post ideas and write and publish the content. Like some other lifestyle blogs, this one has a shop where you can find clothing and accessories. Still, it’s probably not too crazy to assume that lifestyle blogs make up a big percentage.


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Informed Comment is a website focused on the political and cultural interaction between the Middle East and the US. You can expect to find subjects like religion, women’s rights, religious discrimination, but also climate change. The site is very interested in working with reporters, academics, and other writers with original information on these subjects. Previously published articles are sometimes accepted too.

Keeping your readers entertained one way or the other is the purpose of your lifestyle blog. Bringing in some imagination and creativity is something to strive for, especially in a highly competitive blogging scene. When you run a lifestyle blog, you need to make it about lifestyles.

Publish your blog post, and be sure to share it on social media or via an email newsletter. Please note that I receive guest post submissions daily and cannot accept every proposal. You are free to choose whatever platform suits your needs best by filtering factors like a topic, traffic, trust factor, and many more. We ask writers to present a quality write-up that should not be consisting of more than 1500 words. You are going to add an article here as a guest post, so make sure you have maintained that pitch throughout the article also.

Equestrian Living Magazine or the EQ Living website are looking for stories about equestrian society. Fashion, style, events, travel, art, and of course equestrian sports. For example, a visit to an interesting ranch or farm or an interview with an important person in equestrian society would get their attention.

By working for Mom News Daily as a writer, you’ll gain an audience much broader than you’d have had otherwise and your brand will attract plenty of attention. We have a special readership of mothers, which gives us an invaluable target demographic. Contributing guest posts to the Lifestyle content network is a powerful way to maximize your audience and search engine visibility. In fact, in a recent survey nearly half of marketers admitted that guest posting is their most effective tactic for generating leads. You’ll be able to reach a wider audience by getting published on Mom News Daily as often as possible.

LinksManagement is a long-standing leviathan with a decade-long history. The second hallmark is that with LinksManagement you are omitting one of the most frustrating experiences out there – platform seeking. The second option is far more lenient in terms of effort output from the guest poster. You can lean on the professional SEO services that will do most of the elbow grease for you. Farmasi Makeup is our beauty, entertainment, & fashion website. We provide you with the latest makeup related products and fashion trend straight from the industry..

The article or blog post you are writing needs to have no more than three links. Please send ideas before submitting actual articles, I’d hate for you to write an article and it then be declined. We can help you boost your website traffic and sales by getting your site in the Top 10 of Google and other search engines.

Amber Fillerup is a more general lifestyle blog with a good travel section. You can take inspiration from all of the categories when starting your lifestyle blog. Her blog is a major part of that brand, and it covers a few lifestyle topics. Refinery29 has blog posts on everything from fashion to work. They can include topics from fashion to food to travel. Brainstorm a list of topics that you want to write about – aim for one post per week to start.