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A web hosting service will provide you with everything you need to get your blog online, including a domain name and web hosting space. ImagesWe can find a way to include images in your article, but it is best if you submit your images with a PNG or JPG format. Remember that we have all the rights to edit your photo to fit what we are looking for.

You can hire a content writer of your choice and get your guest posts crafted efficiently by expert hands. We welcome all kinds of pet guest posts on how to care your pets. However, we have very strict pet guest post guidelines for accepting articles as we want our readers to have the best content catered to their need. We want to ensure they get best quality and original article. This list features 19 markets that pay freelancers to write about pets and cover topics about animals and pet care.

Take a look around the PetPlace library and you’ll see that our writers have published a lot of content over the years. PetPlace is always interested in articles that find novel ways to explore evergreen subjects. Feel free to submit a number of ideas for the editorial team to review. As we wrap up this post, it’s important to remember that not all pet blogs are created equal.

For example, if your article is about dog training, then you should be a professional dog trainer. If the article is about pet grooming, then you should be a real groomer. Then you should be an established, Googleable authority on cat behaviors. If your article is about a health issue, you must be a veterinarian.


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The pet industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Other services include pet stores, dog and cat stores, boarding, “pet hotels,” pet trainers, groomers, veterinarians, and dog walkers. Most people value their pets and animals, so if you work in the pet industry in any capacity, you are dealing with thousands of potential clients. Informative post on dog health, dog food, dog care, dog breeds, dog adoption, dog house, dog kennel, dog beds, and real stories or news on dog or dog owners.

Pet bloggers can also make money through advertising and affiliate marketing. First of all, we are a pet website so any informative material that a pet owner would benefit from may be submitted. We will only accept well-researched, detailed articles about animals or pet care. We do not charge for guest posts, and we pay our writers a competitive per-word rate. Guest bloggers may include one do-follow promotional link.

Is a popular harness racing magazine that features news, columns, profiles, and in-depth feature stories. About 70 percent of the content they publish is freelance written—meaning there are ample opportunities to contribute to this pub. Check out these 19 friendly markets that pay freelancers to write about pets. The markets on our list here pay a wide range of rates, from less than $0.10 per word for some types of digital content up to $600 per article for feature stories. All small dog breeds are listed on Small Dog Breed List. We are currently looking for writers to contribute to the Pet Sitters Ireland Blog on a regular or adhoc basis.

Add internal linksrelated to your topic.As we are Pet and Animal website, we accept linking to the same industry only. If you want to resubmit an already published blog with a canonical tag, consider the sponsored option. You can submit a news tip all about pets and animals.