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There has been some error while submitting the form. Additionally, if you see a travel guide on the site that you could improve or expand, let us know how. Due to the number of submissions we receive, we can only contact successful applications. If you haven’t heard from us within two weeks, please assume that your submission has not been accepted this time. If your idea is approved, we will then ask you to complete the article within an agreed deadline. A good way to celebrate this beautiful world is to camp, it means to get away far from the madding crowd, to live under the open sky, and taste the adventure of…

No links to commercial pages – they will be removed! For commercial partnerships, please see our advertising information. Contributing travel articles to our site will increase your site domain authority and your organic traffic. The subject matter can vary greatly, from local civic issues, national political races to social unrest in a foreign country. Alternatively, you can cover wildlife, local flora, and fauna, changing weather patterns, a city’s skyline, sunrise and sunsets, eclipse, timelapse videos, and much much more.

If allowed stock photos must include the photographer’s name and link to the source photo. We broadly cover places, food, people, events and culture of travel. See which of these you can best fit into your travel writing or other creative content and contribute to us. We are looking for writers to cover destinations that they know very well. We’re looking for writers who live in a place or have spent weeks or months exploring a place. We are NOT looking for posts written about a trip you took or a destination you’ve only visited once for a few days at a time.


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And if you’ve got photos to accompany your article, all the better. These can be essays, blog posts, or time-sensitive newsworthy topics, such as advice about an upcoming event, or a write-up to bring social awareness to a certain destination. Topics can be stories, general tours or travel tips and ideas, Travel hacks, lists of top destinations, etc.

Your photos should match the content of your post and be visually stunning – their job is to help tell the story of a place visually. Your post should be relevant to our readers.Your topic should be something that our readers are interested in. Spend a few minutes browsing our site to get a feel of our content. FYI, we are a budget travel blog, so leave the luxury at home in your mansion or on your yacht. But if you are looking for a do-follow link back to a business or reaching out on behalf of a client, that’s a sponsored post, and we do NOT publish sponsored posts that aren’t written by us. We will NOT publish your pre-written post, even if you pay us.

If you are a company with a marketing budget interested in partnering with us to publish an article about your brand or product, please head over to our Partnership page. Please add them as an attachment instead of embedding them in the email to maintain their quality or use a sharing service such as Dropbox. Articles need to be proofread and checked for errors before submitting. Try to stay away from political or divisive topics. Authors receive full recognition for their works and photos. The more you have in common with your audience, the more likely they are to engage.

We are looking for volunteers and guest writers from all walks of life (travel bloggers, gap year students, couple travelers, published travel book authors, solo travelers, etc.) to write for us. The goal is to cover as many destinations as possible and you can help us achieve that goal. All you need to do is to write a One Day Itinerary for a destination of your choice. We would be more than happy to present you as a travel blogger on our site, link to your blog as well as sharing your post all over the social media. We’re happy to announce that we’re starting to accept guest posts. We’re doing our best to make this site the ultimate travel source for those who don’t have more than 24 hours on a certain destination.