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We have multiple categories in our health blog related to Mental Health, Health Issues, Disease & Cure, Health & Fitness, Nutrition. Health Problems are arising day by day meanwhile your provided health tips can help our readers effectively. To optimise and market your material, we have an SEO professional team as well as social media specialists.

Write your passion here, writing is best to practise to describe your thoughts in front of the world. We believe writing skill is kind of art not everyone can write what they thought. Posting a blog through our website will help you with any kind of organic result you’re looking for.

We encourage and welcome photos to match your editorial, especially if you are in them, and have the right to publish them. She Society can supply images if more suitable shots are required or you do not have images. Once we agree, we will tell you to write an article on it, after which you need to send the entire article as an attachment. Citation of apt reference links should be provided, backing your content with authenticity. Hence, in order to maintain the protocol, here are our content guidelines, which will inform you how to go about writing content for an instant approval by us. Stay up to date with the latest inbound & content marketing tips, tricks, and ideas…


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Ideally this is a good trade-off as the site featuring the content is getting free writing, while the writer is getting free exposure. This is the primary portion of the article that provides necessary information while also keeping the reader interested. Divide the content of the article into tiny chunks since one long paragraph is usually overpowering and most people ignore it. Your headline should tell the entire tale with minimal suspense that people will want to read. A captivating title is something that will entice people to read the material.

If you’re primarily a writer, then your content may impress someone who wants to hire you for their website. If you’re a gardener who wrote an article about gardening, then maybe you’ll get an inquiry from someone who wants to hire your services. Having your content curated and published by a professional site like Best in AU is a great kick-start to any writing career. The fact that your work was approved and published indicates to the audience that you are not just a lunatic with a word processor.

Articles must be interesting, entertaining, educational or informative for an Australian marketing audience. Articles should not be ‘spammy’ or used to push your products or services. By submitting your article to us and getting approved, you are giving all the rights to Softvire.com.au; hence you can’t republish it elsewhere without our permission. We accept screenshot for images as long as the source is properly credited. The image should also be converted to PNG or JPEG format and saved on Google Photos.

ADM reports on the business of Defence capabilities and acquisitions, strategic and budgetary policy, infrastructure development, and procurement planning processes. We also occasionally publish articles on geopolitics, Indigenous engagement, and gender in the workplace as relevant to Defence. If the topic you want to write about is currently in the news, time is of the essence and the sooner you can get your piece to us, the more likely we will publish it. It doesn’t matter if you’ve written 700 words or 5,000 words; your content won’t be published if it’s of a poor quality. While some might say that quality is a subjective term, it isn’t for us.