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We won’t read your content if it isn’t inspiring or instructive. If your piece has too many links but is otherwise excellent, we may send it back to you with a request that you eliminate a few of them. Your content will almost certainly be rejected outright if it is a clear link farm. We don’t accept links to sites related to gambling, dating, CBD, vaping, or adult content.

Avoid using irrelevant images or copyright images owned by someone else. The article must be professional and have minimal typographical/grammatical mistakes. In order for you to get your Blog posted on TheITbase, you will first have to pitch us a post and showcase your writing skills and knowledge.

E4Day invites articles that mainly deal with the subject “home improvement”. However, the website provides a host of different articles from categories ranging from health and home improvement to web hosting and infographics. Professional content writers, editors, and the SEO team will look into this. Writing a blog can be a great way to connect with others and share your ideas and expertise.


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In our guest post or “Write For Us” guideline, you will find the kind of content you can publish on our site. It’s important to go through them before your request hits our desk. Regardless, we will be happy to hear your ideas about social media and related topics. We’ll also make sure that it’s read as many people as possible. When your piece is accepted, we’ll distribute and share it to our Facebook Page, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media sites. Are you a professional writer or love to write for Social Media niche?

If you’ve mentioned a study or a report, you should include a link. We’ll get back to you with our feedback and let you know if we’re interested in publishing your piece to Social Barrel. We’ll review your submission to know if it offers value to our readers. We definitely check your articles for plagiarism.