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Ditto if you want to publish your sponsored post with your links, or go back to an old post and stuff your link in. Our editorial process ensures that we provide our readers with the most accurate, relevant, and accessible content possible to help them grow. If you’re a writer, then you know the importance of the editorial process. It is a key component in any piece of writing.

Anything that may be construed as a link-building scheme. We don’t participate in any kind of affiliate marketing or partner-linking system. Links to credible sources that can substantiate your claims and ideas. Use descriptive link text, rather than “click here to find out more”.

Please provide at least three images with each post and provide image attribution link, or use Pixabay for high-quality, free images. If you’re not sure if your article is a good fit, then please send us a brief summary of what it’s about and we’ll let you know. Please use the contact form below to get in touch, and remember, please include 3-5 headline ideas with your submission.

The article topic must interesting and informative content that could capture the reader’s attention. Keep this in mind when writing your post, and you’ll create valuable content seen by some of the world’s most credible marketing professionals. The website provides readers with the most current news, allowing them to get all important information and fostering trust in us and the website. Seek to refine the strategy and give the most useful information from your writing to your readers to recognize you the next time they need insights into the problem. The writer needs to ensure that their writing is unique and devoid of errors and provide important insights into real-world abilities to be considered successful.


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Is written for an audience of designers, developers, content strategists, information architects, or similar. We want articles that are both extremely informative and entertaining. They should be the best article on the web for the given topic covered. Is submitted with all necessary information that you want in the final version—links, link text, etc. Promotional articles that are explicitly written to market or sell a product, tool, service or app. The principles of non-selectivity, objectivity and impartiality should be respected.

Day Translations reserves the right to edit any and all posts we receive. If significant edits are required, your post will be rejected. If you’ve got appropriate tips, how-to guides or an exciting story to share, we’re all ears.

Our website shares news articles and gives answers to all the questions of our viewers through that article. Write for us to promote your business through our website. Below are the types of articles we basically indulge with for news write-ups.

Submit 3-5 attention-grabbing headline ideas with your enquiry. If you’re making factual statements or include any figures, please always cite your sources by linking to the original article. Citations strengthen any points or any conclusions you make, show due diligence and build credibility. If you make statements with no references, we may reject your article. We strongly recommend using apps like Grammarly and Hemingway to help you refine the text, optimising the reading experience for the average user.

While we fully acknowledge that we are a collective in the business of marketing content, we do not accept articles focused on freelancing, or on online or content marketing . If you are going to pitch a piece related to either of these topics, pleasemake sure it has a very unique and quality-focused take. 100% UNIQUE CONTENT ONLY- We’re ONLY interested in guest content that is100% unique, authentic, and, needless to say, original. This means you must only submit a post that has not already be published elsewhere in any form. We love receiving guest posts from talented writers out there. If you have a great idea for a post, we’d be more than happy to consider it.