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Tell us how it’s perfect for OUR READERS specifically. Winter guides for major cities, national parks, and skiing destinations. We’re looking for detailed round-ups for winter destinations that have cold weather activities, with specific tips based on personal experience.

We do not accept articles that have been published elsewhere, either in print or online. If your article is found to be plagiarized, it will be immediately rejected and you will not be considered for future submissions. Oftentimes, we ask for high-quality photos to go along with the submitted posts. A pitch should be an outline of your idea not to exceed a few hundred words. Please do not send a complete article, essay, or blog post until we have requested it.

We prefer to travel bloggers or anyone who loves to travel and has a track record of writing great content. We may need to review samples of your work before accepting your submission. We will include an author bio which can have a link to your personal blog or non commercial website. [If you want to include commercial links, you must share article on your social media accounts after we publish it. Don’t forget your author bio – Just a couple of sentences about you including where you’re from, where you’ve travelled and any other interesting info.

These links must be relevant to the topic of your article, and they should add value for our readers. Able to provide lots of added value and actionable content for readers, and go into detail on the topics you are writing about. I have some very specific guidelines I look for when accepting a guest post. When submitting please ensure you keep within the framework below. The phrase “truly something for everyone.” Don’t tell us how your destination is for everyone.

If you are a professional blogger or someone who is passionate about travel and would like to share their knowledge, feel free to contact us so we can publish your story on our website. HolidayBays always looks for high quality and fresh content to share to our readers. Authentic and original submissions – We do not accept any articles that have been published anywhere else. Unfortunately, this goes against Google’s policy and we have a standard for the articles on our website. If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a travel writer then now might be your chance! The world is a big place and I can’t get to it all myself.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

We will NOT publish your pre-written post, even if you pay us. Do not ask us what our rates are, they do not exist because we don’t do that . Don’t bother emailing us either – you will not get a response from us, and we will send your email to spam where it belongs.

We’ll also promote the article via our social networks tagging you. We are looking for volunteers and guest writers from all walks of life (travel bloggers, gap year students, couple travelers, published travel book authors, solo travelers, etc.) to write for us. We’re happy to announce that we’re starting to accept guest posts.

We are accepting guest post with unique and original content to share with our readers. However all guest articles will be reviewed before being published to ensure that the content is original and is not a copy from across the web. WELLINGTON WORLD TRAVELSaccepts guest posts from travelers, bloggers, and storytellers. Whether you are a solo backpacker, a couple, or a family, we welcome you! You don’t have to be a traveler or a blogger to be a part of our community, and you don’t have to be an expert travel writer or content creator to write an amazing story. Our readers want to be introduced to you before they dive into your amazing post, so give them a little bio with some context about who you are and what makes you a destination expert!

The Official Traveler has a targeted audience in the above tour and travel domains around the globe. You can include up to 10 photos, videos are welcome too. Your Post must add valuable info to our visitors, it must be of high quality. Moments in GreeceBefore Submitting your article please read carefully our article guidelines below. We realise that travel is not the same for everybody. (This list is not exhaustive so please forgive us if you don’t see yourself represented in this short paragraph).